2 comments on “The Summer Run

  1. Enjoyable and relaxing run apart from the few incidents mentioned above,i particularly liked the trip up the Burway from Stretton. The Coffee stop at Bog Visitor Centre was very welcome,we were so busy nattering no one was in a rush to get going again.Cyril set a smooth rapid pace as route leader ,so good that when he overshot the junction for Chirbury so did we . From then the pack separated I got stuck in a line of cars following a learner. Caught up near More Arms where one rider had dropped his bike and couldn’t start it , a quick flick of the Kill Switch by yours truly and we were away. Next stop was More Quarry where we stopped to assist another rider ,as it was close to my home Recovery was offered though not needed as a blown fuse was the culprit. Pleased the Morini behaved well all day after its reluctance to start at the SRM premises two weeks ago,new fuel pipes and leaving Taps on seems to cure it . Many thanks to Derek ,Daisy, and the Run organisers as always.

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